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Piano Lessons at Sparkleberry    
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Piano for All Ages

Learn to play the piano in an atmosphere of fun, creativity, and success!  The list of benefits of playing the piano is a long one, including academic enhancement and learning the skills to branch out to other instruments.  Playing the piano will open doors of opportunity for playing solo music as well as with others as you learn to accompany singers or instrumentalists or play in a band.  At Sparkleberry, you will be inspired to become a life-long musician!

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Piano for Preschoolers

Preschool piano lessons are specifically developed to meet the instructional needs of the beginning preschool piano student, all the while emphasizing the important relationship that exists between math and music.  Your child will learn piano through a program that has been designed to keep preschoolers interested, motivated, and centered around fun, giving them a head start in music, math, and life!

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